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yeah what I need is going to do the shopping, for sure…

I wish I could eat all the food in the world and remain my shape… or be fitter. If I wish I’ll do it as I want to.

I’m kind of sad because tomorrow I dont’t have to go to rehab because It was transforming for me into a daily chance to dress up nicely and go for a little walk. Hmmm

Today was a long boring day.

Today was a long boring day.

Nyeh, I just think I did an awesome job doing my makeup with the left hand.

Nyeh, I just think I did an awesome job doing my makeup with the left hand.


I’m eating sooooo badly since I went to Madrid last week. Also, I destroyed my stomach with pills and the electro-acupuncture and now I torn between “I’m gonna die if I eat someting” and “I ate a whole pizza”

Yeeezasz Christ it is just insaneeee!

Let’s go fry my nerve with electrified acupuncture needles!!! YAY!

When I needed It the most

So, I have a lot of work to do, a stomach that is decomposing because I’m kind of scared about my hand (‘cause did I tell you that I fucked it up?) and the treatments I’m needing to recover it and also I have a slightly desire of murdering someone.

I want to fucking do what I planned for this months. Fucking fuck fuck.

Japanese party tonight.

Japanese party tonight.

Have you ever met that one person that no matter what you do always ends up being there?

I do, and I really try to concentrate on myself and my happyness and my everything but sometines it DOES get me on my nerves and bothers me A LOT.

I’m human, I’m sorry.