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I was just talking with a friend of mine how much I envy my friends’s relationship. I envy how carefree she is, I envy how compasive and understanding he is with her. I envy how he take care of her. I envy their relationship because is lovely and healthy.

I suddently started to cry because I realised that all I want is someone that worry bout me and take care of me and my friend said that I can’t blame and hurt myself in order to have it. That I can’t punish me or my body for that.

That’s so true it hurts.

I just wanted to be someone’s hero and that that someone would be my hero too.

Why do we do things that we know they are going to hurt us?

At least I’m winning to one of them.

I prefer me being hurt than others being hurt

And this is what I get.

Why can’t I just act like the rest of the human being?